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Compatible HP 49A Toner Black ( Q5949A )

Compatible HP 49A Toner Black ( Q5949A )

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Premium Compatible HP49A:
Q5949A Black (3000 Pages)


Additional Information

Colour Black
Ink Volume 3000 Pages
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Your Questions:

The Compatible black HP Q5949 Toner Cartridge is a cheaper and suitable alternative to the standard HP49 laser toner. It is manufactured by the premium class raw material to offer you a long-lasting performance as good the equivalent branded products can offer. The toner prints crisp and fine quality monochrome text and graphics. Even the compatible version will not affect the printing performance and compatibility with your HP printers.

Due to the remanufactured from premium quality material HP Q5949 toner cartridge is available at a cheaper price (only at €24.68 Inc. VAT) and can produce approx 3000 pages @ 5% average coverage. The pack is ideal for small office users and home users who have major printing projects that need monochrome printouts. The compatibility with various HP printers and hassle free installation of HP Q5949 Toner Cartridge would be added advantages you can see while using this toner.

This HP toner pack includes

1 x HP Q5949 toner cartridge

Ink Volume

HP49 laser toner - 2,500 pages

Compatible with: Toner is compatible with a range of 9 HP printer. A complete HP printer’s list added on this page.

Feel free to buy this toner online because your online purchasing have major benefits, just like instant customer support, money back guarantee, fast delivery and plus other value added services. Along with these services HP Q5949 Toner Cartridge helps to reduce the plastic waste because the toner is remanufactured from pre-used HPQ5949 laser toner.

This HP Q5949 Toner Cartridge deal at Printerinkcartridges.ie will cost you less and backed up with many added services as stated above. Go for this deal which will cost you only at €24.68 Inc. VAT with minimum shipping charges for entire Ireland. If you are looking for other brand’s compatible ink and toner versions as well, we have entire range, such as Epson, Samsung, Brother, Advent, Canon, Kodak, Lexmark, and OKI. We pride ourselves on the quality and reliability of our ink and toner and aim to offer you with the best compatible ink and toner cartridges.

Sometimes you face printing issues that require printer’s cleaning. Here are some tips you can follow to clean your printer:

For cleaning print cartridge area
  • Turn off the printer by removing the plug from the electricity and wait for the printer to cool.
  • Now open the HP Q5949 toner cartridge door and pull out the toner.
  • Do not expose toner to light. It will damage it.
  • Wipe the dust from media path with a dry cloth.
  • Insert the HP49 laser toner and close the toner door.
  • Plug the printer and print your job.
For cleaning the printer media path

Cleaning the printer’s media path will help in minimising the chance of getting HP49 laser toner specks and dots on papers. This process involves the uses of transparency to remove the dust and toner from media path. If you want to get the best result, you need to use a transparency sheet in this process.
  • Make sure the printer is ready to use.
  • Load media in an input tray.
  • Use following methods to print a cleaning page
  • Access the HP toolbox. See Using the HP toolbox for instructions. Click the Troubleshooting tab, and click Print Quality Tools. Select the cleaning page. OR
    On the printer control panel, press and hold the GO button until all three lights come on (about 10 seconds). When all three lights come on, release the GO button.
  • The cleaning process will take approx 2 minutes. Make sure you do not switch off the printer until the cleaning process has not finished. It may be possible you might need to repeat this cleaning process to clean the page thoroughly.

Technical Details

Print TechnologyLaser
Cartridge colourBlack
Page yield2500 Pages per cartridge
What's in the box1 x HP Q5949 toner cartridge, Recycling guide
Consumable TypeInk
Weight0.7 kg
Package weight1.0kg
Dimensions117 x 390 x 168 mm
Package Dimensions390 x 117 x 168 mm
Operating temperature range10 to 32.5°C
Storage temperature range-20 to 40°C
Non-Operating Humidity Range10 to 90% RH
CompatibilityHP Laserjet Printers, HP LaserJet 3000 - 4999, HP LaserJet 1000 - 2999, HP Laserjet 1160, HP Laserjet 1320, HP Laserjet 1320n, HP Laserjet 1320nw, HP Laserjet 1320tn, HP Laserjet 3390, HP Laserjet 3392, HP Laserjet 3055
Product Type Compatible Ink Cartridge

The HP Q5949 laser Toner delivers professional monochrome text and image printing. Whereas the print quality and toner performance are as good as a user can expect from the genuine HP toners. The installation is easy and negligible maintenance feature has added the advantage to this toner. By opting this toner, a user is entitled to get a smooth printing unit and exceptional grayscale text and graphic printing. With the capacity to print up to 2500 pages (5% coverage) this toner is ideal to use within a small office environment where a user wants a frequent printing on a daily basis.

If you are giving the second thought to replace your genuine toner with this compatible toner, we assure you that you will get the best deal in term of quality and performance similar to the genuine toner. Plus buying and using this eco-friendly toner helps in saving the nature and reducing the plastic garbage created by the used toner cartridges, from the earth.

Remove and replace the toner cartridge

  1. Press the front-door-release button.
  2. Open the front door.
  3. Remove the used toner cartridge from the printer.
  4. Remove the new toner cartridge package from the box, and then pull the release tab on the packaging.
  5. Open new toner cartridge packaging.
  6. Remove the toner cartridge from the opened packaging shell. Place the used toner cartridge in the shell for recycling.
  7. Align the toner cartridge with the tracks inside the printer, and install the toner cartridge until it is firmly seated.
  8. Close the front door.


Instructions for recycling the HP Q5949 laser Toner
  1. After pulling the toner from a laser printer the first step is to open the screw of side cover.
  2. Remove the drum cover by prying up on each end. Note the spring position so that it can be replaced later.
  3. Drill a shallow hole on each side of the cartridge as indicated. Holes uncut. Holes cut.
  4. Push the pins out with a jeweler’s screwdriver. With the hole in this location by just pushing the screwdriver in, the pins will be pushed out. Remove the pins.
  5. Separate the two halves.
  6. Cut two small pieces of plastic out from the hub surrounding the metal axle pin. Cut them on the opposite side of each other. This way you can pry the pin out with a small jeweler’s screwdriver, and flush cutting wire cutters.
  7. The drum hub that on earlier cartridges would have been removed is now welded. The weld can be broken or drilled out, but there is a good chance that the hub will either warp if pried off, or will be hard to align if drilled out.
  8. Remove the drum.
  9. Remove the PCR and clean with your standard PCR cleaner.
  10. Remove the wiper blade. The blade is the same as used in the HP 1200. Clean out the waste toner.
  11. Coat the wiper blade with your preferred lubricant and install.
  12. Reinstall the cleaned PCR. Note that a new OEM PCR has a small amount of conductive grease on the black (contact) side and what appears to be white lithium grease on the other.


If you are intending to buy replacement ink and toner cartridges, you should also think about what you are going to do with the empty HP Q5949 laser Toner. There are millions of ink and toner cartridges used each year and statistics suggest that 95% of them go to landfill.
Here are some ways that help us to dispose of the HP Q5949 Toner Cartridge correctly.
  • Do not allow this material to drain into sewers/water supplies.
  • Instead of throwing empty HP Q5949 Toner Cartridge into the bin for landfill you can collect them and when you have enough gathered you can make the trip to the local Council amenity/recycling centre. There are containers in all refuse sites that will accept used ink cartridges.
  • The popular way is to find the companies in your nearby area that take in your empty ink cartridges. There are many third party manufacturers which buy the empty ink cartridges, refill them and resell them into the market. The amazing part of this process, the third party manufacturers compensate you for providing them the empty ink cartridges for recycling. Is not it a wonderful deal? The recycled ink cartridges are fully factory tested, eco-friendly and consistently offer the best performance.
  • The another way is that you can directly contact the ink cartridges manufacturers. Many companies have their own recycling plants, where they take back the used empty ink cartridges.
If we all start this practice today, we can surely make a difference to our own carbon footprint in upcoming future.

First Aid Measures

1. Description of first aid measures
  • General advice : If symptoms persist, obtain medical attention.
  • Inhalation : Obtain immediate medical attention. In case of accident by inhalation remove casualty to fresh air and keep at rest.
  • Ingestion : Rinse mouth. Drink 1 or 2 glasses of water and if you are concerned get medical attention.
  • Skin contact : Remove contaminated clothing immediately and wash affected skin with plenty of water or soap and water.
  • If HP Q5949 laser Toner
    contacts your eyes :
    Obtain medical attention. If substance has got into the eyes, immediately wash out with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes.
2. Most important symptoms and effects, both acute and delayed
  • Inhalation: None under normal use. Symptoms overexposure are dizziness, headache, tiredness, nausea, unconsciousness, cessation of breathing.
  • Ingestion : None under normal use. Ingestion may cause gastrointestinal irritation, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea
  • Skin contact : None under normal use.
  • Eye contact : None under normal use. May cause slight irritation.
3.Indication of any immediate medical attention and special treatment needed : Treat symptomatically.

Firefighting Measures

1. Extinguishing media
Suitable extinguishing mediaExtinguish preferably with dry chemical, Water spray.
Unsuitable extinguishing mediaDo not use water jet.

2. Special hazards arising from the substance or mixture
Special Hazard associated with HP Q5949 Toner Cartridge

Hazardous combustion productsCarbon dioxide (CO2), Carbon monoxide (CO)

3. Advice for firefighters: Do not use high-pressure water in order to prevent creation of a dust cloud and spreading of the fire dust. Use an appropriate respirator for carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. It is highly recommended to wear positive pressure self-contained breathing apparatus during attack phase of firefighting operations and during cleanup immediately after a fire, especially in enclosed or poorly ventilated areas. Personnels who do not have suitable respiratory protection should leave the area so as to prevent significant exposure to toxic combustion gases.

Accidental Release Measures

Personal precautions, protective equipment and emergency proceduresAvoid generation of dust. Do not breathe dust. A suitable dust mask or dust respirator with filter type A/P may be appropriate.
Environmental precautions of HP Q5949 laser Toner

Prevent substance entering sewers. Washings must be prevented from entering surface water drains.
Methods and material for containment and cleaning upSweep the spilt toner or remove it with a vacuum cleaner and transfer into a sealed container carefully. Sweep slowly to minimize generation of dust during cleanup. If a vacuum cleaner is used, the motor must be rated as dust explosion proof. Potential for very fine particles to be taken into the vacuum only to be passed back into the environment due to pore size in the bag or filter.

Handling and Storage

  • Precautions for safe handling of HP Q5949 Toner Cartridge: Keep out of the reach of children. Avoid generation of dust. Avoid inhalation of high concentrations of dust. Avoid contact with eyes.
  • Conditions for safe storage, including any incompatibilities: Keep away from oxidizing agents.
  • Specific end use: Ink for Ink Jet Printer. Obtain special instructions before use.

Stability and reactivity

  • Reactivity: Not available.
  • Chemical stability: Stable under normal storage conditions.
  • Possibility of hazardous reactions: Will not occur.
  • Conditions to avoid: Imaging Drum: Exposure to light
  • Incompatible materials: Strong oxidizers
  • Hazardous decomposition products: Carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.

Physical and chemical properties

  • Appearance: Fine powder
  • Physical state: Solid.
  • Form: solid
  • Color: Not available.
  • Odor: Slight plastic odor
  • Odor threshold: Not available.
  • pH: Not applicable
  • Melting point/freezing point: Not available.
  • Boiling point, initial boiling point, and boiling range: Not applicable
  • Flash point: Not applicable
  • Autoignition temperature: Not applicable
  • Flammability (solid, gas): Not available.
  • Flammability limit - lower (%): Not flammable
  • Flammability limit - upper(%): Not available.
  • Explosive limit - lower (%): Not available.
  • Explosive limit - upper (%): Not available.
  • Vapor pressure: Not applicable
  • Vapor density: Not applicable
  • Evaporation rate: Not applicable
  • Softening point: 212 - 302 °F (100 - 150 °C)
  • Specific gravity: 1.4

Disposal considerations

Please do not shred toner cartridge, unless dust-explosion prevention measures are taken. Finely dispersed particles may form explosive mixtures in air. Dispose of in compliance with federal, state, and local regulations.