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Compatible Samsung MLT-D101S/ELS Toner

Compatible Samsung MLT-D101S/ELS Toner

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Premium Compatible Samsung MLTD101S Toner:
MLT D101S Black (1500 Pages)


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Colour Black
Ink Volume 1500 pages
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Customer Reviews

MLT-D101S toner Review by J O'Brien
The service is brilliant from placement of order to delivery, the toner is excellent and the price is good value for money. (Posted on 19/03/2019)
Price good, toner ok Review by Paul Harte
The price of the toner is the best I could find online but felt the print quality is OK but a little less consistent than the original Samsung - maybe that's to be expected. Otherwise works well. (Posted on 03/08/2016)
God Quality Toner Review by Jim
3rd order for this toner, good quality, would recommend and fast delivery too. Keep up the good work. (Posted on 08/07/2016)
Great toner cartridges Review by Niamh
First time I tried the compatible Samsung and had no problems at all. Very happy with the print quality also. Fast delivery too. Will definitely order again. (Posted on 05/07/2016)

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Your Questions:

The remanufactured Samsung MLTD101S toner cartridge delivers high-quality outputs similar to any other original brand Samsung toner cartridge. This remanufactured toner will give you top class printouts with a huge range of print media types.

These Samsung MLTD101S toner cartridges are produced under strict quality standards at a third party manufacturing facility. Besides exceptional printing quality, this remanufactured Samsung toner cartridge also acts as an economical alternative to expensive original Samsung toner cartridges. It can print up to 1500 pages, in its lifetime, at 5% of coverage.

All of our compatible Samsung MLTD101S toner cartridges are 100% guaranteed to perform flawlessly with the Samsung laser printers. You can be assured that the use of this toner cartridge and related replacement supplies will not void the warranty of your laser printers.

PrinterInkCartridges.ie is the best place to buy this compatible Samsung MLTD101S toner cartridge, especially, when you are looking for a great discount on a high-quality cartridge. Cartridges here come with almost negligible home delivery cost and a lifetime replacement warranty. Home users with daily printing needs can opt for this cartridge as it is capable of reducing their yearly printing expenses by a huge percentage. The another good reason to opt for this cyan Dell toner is its environment friendliness.

Expect flawless results whenever you use the black Samsung MLTD101S toner cartridge in your Samsung laser printer. Each Samsung MLTD101S toner contains just enough Samsung D101S toner so as to maximise your machine's duty cycle, without compromising the print quality up to the last drop of MLTD101S black toner. These expertly designed cartridges are extremely easy to use and install, gives you improved productivity and also maintains consistent print quality even. Choose the MLT-D101S cartridge, if you desire professional results and low running costs.

Technical Details

Samsung MLTD101S toner cartridge is compatible with Samsung ML-2165, SCX-3405, SCX-3405F, SCX-3405W, SCX-3405FW, SF-760P Printers. Right from the first page upto the last page, this toner cartridge from Samsung can offer a consistently high level of print performance. This toner cartridge being incredibly simple to install is capable of achieving a very high yield. This toner cartridge comes in such a modest price and size can and can offer a professional edge to all print outs, whether you are printing at your home or in the office.

Samsung MLTD101S toner cartridge offers longer uninterrupted support than off-brand alternatives, thus, easing one of the most common printing headaches. This toner cartridge is suitable for a wide range of printers and the cartridge offers continued and consistent support for all users and is fully guaranteed by Samsung. The extra page yield supplied by Samsung laser printers has made these cartridges a hugely popular option. Whenever the users looking to increase the output of their machines produce before a replacement, they are the best option. Samsung MLTD101S toner cartridge helps in reducing the overheads of replacement costs and creates a more efficient print environment.

Product TypeLaser Toner Cartridge
Ink ColourBlack
Model name (short code)101
Yield1500 Pages
Product weight0.55 kg
Weight0.467 kg
Weight0.467 kg
Gross Weight0.87 KG
Unit Box Dimension (WxDxH)326 x 158 x 108 mm
Unit Box Weight (Box only)148 g
Unit Box Cushion Weight24 g
Master Box Dimension (WxDxH)338 x 331 x 243 mm Master Box Dimension
Master Box Weight (Box only)470 g
Depth15.80 cm
Width32.60 cm
Polymerized TonerNo
CompatibilityML-2165, SCX-3405, SCX-3405F, SCX-3405W, SCX-3405FW, SF-760P

In addition to the highest efficiency of laser printers and toner cartridges, Samsung MLTD101S toner cartridges can also ensure that you receive the highest quality printed output. These toner cartridges accurately capture the nuances and depths of tone. In addition to this, the toner technology ensures that all your prints will be completed to the highest standard for professional as well as for personal use.

First Aid Measures

InhalationGargle with water, move to place in fresh air. If no effect, get medical attention.
Skin contactImmediately wash with soap and running water.
Eye contactIn case of contact immediately flush with plenty of low pressure water for at least 15 minutes. Remove any contact lenses to ensure thorough flushing.
IngestionNo adverse effects anticipated by this route of exposure, incidental to proper handling.

Acute and delayed symptoms
Inhalation (dust)May cause irritation to the respiratory system. Difficulty in breathing. Sneezing and Coughing.
Eye contactMay cause eye irritation.
IngestionMay cause stomach ache and unlikely route of exposure.

Firefighting Measures

Extinguishing media
Recommended Extinguishing MediaWater spray, dry chemical, foam, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide or halon type extinguishers. Do not release runoff from fire controls methods to sewers or waterways.
Extinguishing Media Not to be UsedN/A

Advice for firefighters: Do not use high-pressure water in order to prevent creation of dust cloud. Use an appropriate respirator for both carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. It is highly recommended to wear a positive pressure self-contained breathing apparatus during attack phase of firefighting operations. So as to prevent significant exposure to toxic combustion gases, personnels who do not have suitable respiratory protection should immediately leave the area.

Accidental Release Measures

Personal precautions, protective equipment and emergency proceduresA suitable dust mask or dust respirator may be appropriate in such a condition. Try not to inhale the dust.
Environmental precautionsWashing must be prevented so that surface water does not get collected. Prevent substance from entering sewers.
Methods and materials for containment and cleaning upSweep the spilt toner carefully or remove it with a vacuum cleaner and transfer it into a sealed container. While using a vacuum cleaner, the motor must be rated as dust explosion proof. Keep in mind that you sweep slowly to minimize generation of dust during the cleanup.

Handling and Storage

Precautions for safe handlingAvoid contact with eyes and inhalation of high concentrations of dust. Keep out of the reach of children.
Conditions for safe storage, including any incompatibilitiesKeep away from oxidizing agents. Do not expose it to light for more than a few minutes.

Refilling the Samsung MLTD101S toner cartridge

Samsung MLTD101S toner cartridge is built quite differently from the previous models. The main difference is that it has a developed roller metallic cover, which is, along with the metallic blade in Developing Unit and pieces of the toner between them are most likely going to end up with small useful life. In simple terms, after few times your cartridge is being refilled, you might throw it out, since the developing roller and the blade will wear out. Cartridge life may be prolonged only with the replacement of the above mentioned components. This kind of a toner will possibly speed up the wearing down of the components in the new developing system.

Refilling Instructions:
  1. Remove the rivets. To do this, carefully cut the heads of those rivets off with your box cutter. These are located on the side lids of the cartridge.
  2. Now, lift up the lids and take them off. Divide the toner cartridge in two halves after that.
  3. Slightly push the drum axis out, then lift the drum up and take it out.
  4. Now, pry up the charging roller with your screwdriver, and take it out. Put it aside and let it dry.
  5. Unscrew the doctor blade. Carefully lift it up and take it out. After that, clean the cartridge with the special vacuum cleaner. Now assemble everything back.
  6. Now disassemble, clean and refill the second half of the cartridge. Pushing the screwdriver with a bit of the force, take off the roller gear.
  7. Unscrew the balance roller plate and pry it up with the screwdriver and take it off.
  8. After that, lift up the roller from one side, move it in the other direction and take it out.
  9. Now you unscrew the blade in developing unit to clean it and to clean the tank from wasted toner.
  10. Next, remove toner leftovers with the vacuum cleaner or by tapping the cartridge with the screwdriver. Remember to open the cap. You will need it for our filling process.
  11. Now, assemble everything back. When installing the blade in developing unit, pay attention to the seals.

Redistributing Toner

When toner is low, faded or light areas may appear on a printed page. In this case, you may be able to temporarily improve the print quality by redistributing the toner. You can redistribute the toner evenly in Samsung MLTD101S toner cartridge by following the given steps:
  1. Grasp the front cover and pull it toward you to open.
  2. Push the toner cartridge down and remove it from the printer.
  3. Gently shake the toner cartridge from side to side five or six times to redistribute the toner.
  4. Reinsert the toner cartridge into the printer. Ensure that the toner cartridge is fit into place.
  5. Close the front cover. Make sure that the cover is securely closed. If it is not fully closed, printing errors may occur when you start printing.
Saving toner
Press the Cancel button on the printer control panel, so as to save the toner. The button will be lit, then you can also enable the Toner Save in the printer properties. Selecting this option will extend the life of the toner cartridge and reduce your cost per page.

How to fix light or faded printing issues of a Samsung MLTD101S toner cartridge?

All of a sudden your printer starts producing weird prints with vertical white streaks or faded areas on them. Do not worry. This problem is not as huge as it seems, and can be solved by following some simple steps. Usually, a faulty Samsung toner cartridge or poor quality media can cause this kind of issue. You can follow these steps to get rid of such printing problem:

Step 1: If you are getting a light or faded print out, it might be possible that the toner cartridge has reached the end of its life. You can temporarily reestablish print quality by redistributing the remaining toner in the toner cartridge by following these steps:
  • Open the front cover and pull the Samsung toner cartridge out
  • Thoroughly roll the toner cartridge four or five times to distribute the toner evenly
  • Hold the toner cartridge by the handle and slowly insert it in the machine
  • Ensure that the cartridge is properly locked into the place
  • Close the front cover
  • If this process does not improve the print quality, then installing a new toner cartridge would solve the problem
Step 2: Using media that do not meet Samsung’s specifications might result into faded printouts. Always use print materials that meet the guidelines for use with your printer.

Step 3: If the entire page is light, it might be possible that the print resolution setting is too low or the toner save mode is on. Adjust the print resolution and turn the toner save mode off.

Step 4: Sometimes a combination of faded or smeared defects may indicate that the Samsung MLTD101S toner cartridge needs cleaning. Follow the steps below to start the cleaning procedure:
  • Make sure paper is loaded in the printer
  • Press Menu until Maintenance appears on the top line of the display
  • Press OK when Clean Drum appears. The printer prints out a cleaning page. Toner particles on the drum surface are affixed to the paper
Once the process is completed, make a test print on the paper you inserted earlier. Still, if the printouts are not satisfactory then we would recommend you to contact the Samsung support.

How this Samsung toner is eco-friendly?

Instead of letting people dump these cartridges, we ask them to send such cartridges to recycle. We collect the original empty ink cartridges and send them to factories for recycling. Where they get cleaned, recycled and repackaged. These recycled toner cartridges are refilled with high quality long lasting inks that match the ISO standards of any original toner cartridges. The only difference between any original and compatible cartridge is that the later ones are recycled, much lower in cost and last longer. The compatible Samsung MLTD101S toner cartridge is packaged and sealed in its own box so if you do not need to use it straight away you can always store it for up to 6 months for later use.