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Compatible Brother TN1050 Toner

Compatible Brother TN1050 Toner

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Premium Compatible Brother TN1050 Toner Cartridges:
TN1050 Black (1,000 Pages)


Additional Information

Colour Black
Ink Volume 1000 Pages
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Product Description

For anyFor any businessman, reducing the overall business expenditure would be the top priority task. Reduction in printing cost would be one of them. Printing, copying, and scanning various reports, invoices and marketing material involve a heavy day to day running cost to the business owners.

Using standard toner will increase the printing cost, whereas this Brother TN1050 toner cartridge help in reducing overall printing cost. It provides high yield capacity up to 1000 pages in its lifespan. The product is not branded, though it is compatible and fully guaranteed to work with a range of Brother printers (see the printer’s list below). The Brother TN1050 laser toner is designed to produce the equivalent quality and crisp text printing as the branded cartridge but at a much lower price.

This Brother pack contains
1 x Brother TN1050 toner cartridge

Ink volume
Brother TN1050 laser toner - 1000 Pages

Compatible with: Brother DCP 1510, Brother DCP 1512, Brother DCP 1610W, Brother HL1110, Brother HL1112, Brother HL1210W, Brother MFC 1810, Brother MFC 1910W, Brother HL1212W, Brother DCP 1612W

The Brother toner is print tested before to get to the market for selling. It ensures to users that they are getting the same outcomes as the standard toners can offer them. Compatible Brother TN1050 toner cartridge produces high page yield, consistent and reliable printing results. It benefits users to get the finest printing at a lower cost per page. This Brother TN1050 laser toner is also ideal for busy home users who are looking for best print outputs that adjust in their printing budget.

This Brother toner is manufactured by third party manufacturers from recycled branded toner. The ISO standard and quality raw materials ensure that this toner works seamlessly with Brother machines listed below.

Online buying Brother TN1050 toner cartridge from printerinkcartridges.ie, gives some extra advantages compare to buying it from any retailer, like money back guarantee, customer support in case you need assistance, lower prices etc. Shop Brother TN1050 laser toner only at €19.99 Inc. VAT from us and enjoy seamless printing.

As our customer base is growing rapidly, we are capable of coping up with growing needs of the market and enable to process your order quickly. 90% of the orders we dispatch on the same day (subject to availability of stock) and shipments are delivery within 2 to 3 business days.

We recommend you to please make sure you check your items carefully before installing them into your machine. And retain your purchase invoice if there is any event comes up for after sales queries.

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We are sharing some tips to improve your print quality
  1. Use media that meets the printer specification
  2. Load the media in input tray properly
  3. Use the media guides to load the paper correctly
  4. Quick replace empty Brother TN1050 toner cartridge when LCD shows Replace Toner or Ended Toner message
  5. Clean the corona wire
    • Move the green tab right to left and left to right for several times (Make sure the green tab should be returned to the home position)
  6. If you are getting black and white dots on printed paper, clean the drum unit by following these steps:
    • Pull out the Brother TN1050 laser toner from the drum unit
    • Gently wipe the surface of drum by cotton swab until the dust on the surface comes off
    • Reinstall the Brother TN1050 toner cartridge and start printing
  7. Check the printer driver setting as per printing needs into the Basic tab

Technical Details

Print TechnologyLaser
Cartridge colourBlack
CapacityStandard Capacity
Page yield1000 Pages
Item Weight481 g
Package Dimensions33.4 x 11.8 x 11 cm
Compatibility with Brother DCP series, Brother DCP1510, Brother DCP1512, Brother DCP 1610W, Brother HL1110, Brother HL1112, Brother HL1210W, Brother MFC 1810, Brother MFC 1910W, Brother HL1212W, Brother DCP 1612W
Environmental ImpactThis product is kinder to the environment, as it contains high quality new and remanufactured materials.
Product TypeToner

Brother TN1050 laser toner can help office and home printers to complete a large range of print tasks in highest standards. This toner is capable of achieving the deepest and crispy black tones using laser print technology. It is ideal for creating professional, high clarity copies and prints.
Brother TN1050 Toner Cartridge has an extraordinary yield of 1000 pages that can help user to continue printing for longer time. This results in requiring less frequent cartridge changes which significantly reduces print overheads.

Brother TN1050 Toner Cartridge has been developed to ensure that all prints from the first to last are of same high standard.This cartridge is simple to install and offers high clarity and vibrant black tone. This cartridge helps to get the most from laser printer either you are printing at the office or at home.

Customer Reviews

TN1050 Review by Ian
Worth the money - would buy agian. (Posted on 25/09/2020)
5 stars Review by Nick
Excellent value for money, will buy again. (Posted on 20/08/2019)
5 Stars Review by K Mallon
Excellent service and always next day delivery. (Posted on 27/06/2019)
Brother DCP1510 Review by K McAllister
As per usual, my toner arrived the following day. A good quality compatible HP toner. (Posted on 20/03/2019)
DCP 1610W Review by Mike
Best price I could find online with cheap delivery, would buy again. Item arrived in a couple of days. (Posted on 20/03/2019)
Brother TN1050 toner Review by Gabriel
This replacement toner cartridge was a great buy and managed to get 10]% off too! (Posted on 28/02/2019)
Brother DCP 1612W toner cartridge Review by Sara McNamee
Found these toner cartridges to be good quality. Third time I have purchased from this supplier and am happy with print quality and output of toner cartridge. (Posted on 28/02/2019)
tn1050 Review by Arthur Gallagher
ink arrived next day, good service from these guys. (Posted on 26/04/2018)
Brother HL1112 toner Review by Margaret Mallon
We regularly buy toner for our Brother HL1112 printer and are very happy with the excellent service we receive from Printer Ink Cartridges.ie. Toner always arrives next day and would recommend to other businesses. (Posted on 08/11/2016)
Brother HL1210W toner Review by Alan Cummings
Arrived next day. Excellent service. (Posted on 24/10/2016)
Very prompt, economic, good quality. No complaints. Review by Dara
Very prompt, economic, good quality. No complaints. (Posted on 03/08/2016)

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Your Questions:


Instructions for refilling Brother TN1050 Toner Cartridge

The following instructions below will clearly show you how to refill your Brother TN1050 Toner cartridge:
  • Carefully remove the label covering the plug.
  • Pull the plug using either a small spatula as lever or small pliers. In some cases, you will not be able to avoid destroying the plug. We recommend ordering a new plug together with refill supplies.
    Put the plug aside - you will need it again after refilling.
  • Before filling in new toner, you have to remove remaining toner from the cartridge. Place the cartridge into a leak-proof plastic bag and shake it to remove the toner.
  • Now refill the toner cartridge with new toner. After refilling, reinsert the plug.
  • After refilling the cartridge, either you need to install or reset the lever. The reset lever is a mechanical device used to check the filling level of the cartridge.
Resetting the starter cartridge by installing the reset gear:
  • Loosen the two screws of the lateral cover and remove the cover.
  • Now carefully remove the plastic cog and then install the plastic reset gear.
  • After this reinstall the plastic cog and the place the plastic cover.
  • Then again place the screws.
Note: Reset the cartridge BEFORE refilling.

Safety instructions for the handling of Brother TN1050 Toners:

Refill toner and toner powder may cause serious health problems when not using it properly. We recommend to always use breathing protection or suction chambers while filling toner cartridges. Furthermore, toner powder and refill toner can be highly flammable with an appropriate oxygen mixture. Please note as well, that you should not touch the photoconductor drum in no case or expose it to direct sunlight. This could lead to faulty print-outs.

Why refill your Brother TN1050 laser Toner

Refilling your Brother TN1050 Toner Cartridge with refill toner will dramatically reduce your laser printing costs. The number of Brother TN1050 laser Toner refills depends on the individual toner cartridge. When a laser toner cartridge does eventually need replacing, any unused refill toner can be reclaimed for use in another one.

Steps to replace Brother TN1050 laser Toner

  1. Turn on the machine
  2. Open the front cover by pressing the front cover release button
  3. Pull out the drum unit by holding the green handle
  4. Now to unlock the toner cartridge from the drum unit, hold the handle of toner and push it toward the machine
  5. Open the Brother TN1050 Toner pack and unpack the Brother TN1050 toner cartridge
  6. Gently shake the toner to evenly distributing the toner
  7. Pull off the protective cover from the toner cartridge
    Hold the toner with the handle and insert it into the drum unit, then slightly pull it toward you until it gets locked. Do not slide the toner into the wrong colour label into the drum unit.
  8. Repeat this step for all the toner cartridges which need replacements
  9. Now push the drum unit into the machine and close the front cover.
(After your replacement, do not turn off the machine or open the front cover, until the machine clear the message and return to the ready mode.)


If you are intending to buy replacement toner cartridges, you should also think about what you are going to do with the empty Brother TN1050 Toner Cartridge. There are millions of toner cartridges used each year and statistics suggest that 95% of them go to landfill.

Here are some ways that help us to dispose of the Brother TN1050 laser Toner correctly.

Do not allow this material to drain into sewers/water supplies. Instead of disposing empty Brother TN1050 laser Toner into the landfill, you can collect them and when you have gathered enough tonner, you can make the trip to the local Council amenity/recycling centre. There are containers in all refuse sites that will accept used toner cartridges.

The popular way is to find the companies in your neighbourhood that can take your empty toner cartridges. There are many third party manufacturers which buy the empty toners, refill them and resell them into the market. The exciting part of this process is that the third party manufacturers compensate you for providing them the empty toners for recycling. The recycled toners are fully factory tested, eco-friendly and consistently offer the best performance.

There is a another way that allow you to directly contact the toner cartridge manufacturers. Many companies have their own recycling plants, where they take back the used empty toner cartridges. If we all start this practice today, we can surely make a difference to our own carbon footprint in upcoming future.

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